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The mission of Tight Web Design is to show integrity in every transaction and interaction. We will give clients the highest quality of services and products for their investment.

Human Assets

Principal - Olivia Walker

Olivia Walker has been designing sites since 1999. She holds a certification as a web site specialist. She also holds a BA in Political Science from Georgia State Univerisity in Atlanta, Georgia.

My Personal Message - I think one of the strengths of this firm is seeing site design as a feeling and an instinct. As a site designer I take design from the point of view of the viewer. For instance when designing a site for a personal protection agency, I thought if I needed a body guard what were some of the things that I would want to do, the one thing I thought was to be alone or virtually alone. This resulted in my including a picture of a man fishing on a pier alone. This firm brings passion, deep thought, and a commitment to our clients in every service that we perform.

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