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About Tight Web Design Consulting

Sometimes your company or organization may not need or desire the full services of Tight Web Design but may want our advice or expertise in a certain area of development that your project may go through. In these instances we provide consulting services to our clients.

In the past we have provided consulting for the following: appropriate site navigation; migrating from a tables layout to a CSS layout; appropriate and cost effective methods of hosting and maintaining a web site; appropriate names for a web site; increasing traffic to a site, e-commerce solutions and packages, modernization of design, overall site plans, analysis of competitor; sites, appropriate style and content for sites, and many other wide ranging questions you may have concerning your current, potential, or developing web site.

Tight Web Design can help you navigate these considerations as you prepare your web site as an overall part of your company strategy. Please fill out the contact form at the far right of the page and we can assist you in building an effective web site for your clients and employees.

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